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RSO Biology: Model of a Cell

3D model of an animal cell

3D model of an animal cell

Objective: Make a 3D model of a cell
Constraints: 10 kids, 30 minutes of class time

Got it.

The original project required Sculpey, which you have to bake. I found a great alternative: Plastalina, an oil-based modeling clay. No baking required, and it doesn’t dry out.  A multi-color pack is super cheap, I got mine from Michaels.

Ping Pong ball
small fishbowl
1 multi-color pack of plastalina
clear polymer “gems” from the floral section

  1. Hydrate the polymer gems. I dumped mine in a gallon ziploc bag with a couple of cups of water and let it go overnight. My package was probably only 2 teaspoons of crystals before hydrating. It takes a couple of hours before they reach full size, so I suggest doing this in advance. When they’re ready, put the polymers in the fishbowl but don’t put additional water in yet. This is your cytoplasm.
  2. Take your ping pong ball and cut out a wedge-shaped piece. Basically, turn him into Pac-man (mouth WIIIIDE open). This is your nuclear membrane, so you need a cutaway opening big enough to show the DNA inside.
  3. A note about plastalina: it’s pretty stiff when you open the package, but if you knead it for a while it becomes pliable. It also will roll really, really, thin, so don’t be afraid to spread it out. If you keep it too thick, your pieces will be too heavy. THAT BEING SAID: knead some blue plastalina and then cover the exterior of your ping pong ball with a thin layer.
  4. Using your RSO guide, start making the various organelles. An excellent illustration guide can be found here: Blausen Medical Guide. Repeat this chant: “The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell.” (It comes up again later. A lot.)
  5. When all your cell bodies are made, start suspending them in your fishbowl. A chopstick or the handle of a paintbrush is very handy here, to help position everything where you want it. Those free ribosomes can be sneaky!
  6. Once you have everything positioned the way you want, start adding water to the fishbowl. When you’re done, it should look like your cell bodies are all suspended in cytoplasm. Cover the bowl with cling wrap and enjoy!

Advance prep for a coop group: gather your materials and hydrate the gems overnight.

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Ellen 11/3

Math – Khan Academy

Language Arts – Gatsby Chapter 1 Questions COMPLETED

Social Studies – Unit 1 COMPLETE, INCLUDING short essay response

Art – Finish whatever Art History assignment you may have; artful journaling work

Science – Physics lesson

Posted by on November 3rd, 2016

E 10/14 Assignments

Math – Han Academy, 40 min
Physics – Complete lesson 8
Social Studies – Unit 1 of US History questions
Language arts – Begin reading Gatsby.

Posted by on October 14th, 2016

E, 10/4

Math – Khan Academy

LA Antigone Essay – discuss, edit

Physics – finish Unit 1 Day 5

PE – treadmill

Social Studies – US Govt

Coop: Art History, Psychology reading

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W, 10/3

Math : Khan Academy

Language Arts: Begin essay on Winterdance.

Science: Physics, Unit 1 Day 6, Episode 102. Note taking guide pt 2 with problem set, conversion factor worksheet.

Social Studies: Watch first 20 minutes of The Story of US. Today’s question: What was the Powhatan Confederacy, and how did the group interact with the British settlers?

Art: Review the Da Vinci packet. Consider what your emblematic portrait would look like, and write down or draw ideas of what would represent you, and what your motto would be.

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William, 9/29

Math: I have sent you an invitation to Khan Academy, we’re going to get set up to use their Algebra I course.

Science: Physics notebook, Unit 1 Day 6

Language Arts: Free write continues. Also, if you have finished A Walk in the Woods or Winterdance, I would like to discuss a short writing assignment to tie to one of those books. Your choice.

Music: I’m going to give you the Brave Combo CD to listen to today.

Health: Deodorize. Really.

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Ellen, 9/29/16

Math: I sent you a Khan Academy invitation for their math. I want you to go through and do the initial placement assessment for Algebra II. If you don’t know what you’re doing, or what to do, come see me with your laptop.

Language arts: Keep reading Emma. You should finish through chapter 18 by Friday.
– Antigone essay, final due Friday

Science: Physics, Unit 1, Day 5 (next one in the binder) SEE ME before you begin

Music: keep on uke’in’.

Coop stuff:
Psych: I picked up your next Psychology book, (the changing brain one) It’s in the library bag.
Art: What’s your new assignment for art history? Is there new reading?
Health: Any homework?
Social: You should have got an email from Temple about Sophie and Emmett wanting to have a party. Decide if you want to be part of this and let me know if I should prod you about it occasionally or not.

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