RSO Biology: The microscope kit

When I offered the biology with lab class to our coop, it turned out to be quite, quite popular – which meant we were going to need at least 2 microscopes.

Our coop rents space, so all classes have to put everything in two shared storage cabinets between sessions. I had to figure out how to protect and store our precious scopes! Hard sided microscope cases are outrageously expensive, but these guys had a great tutorial on how to DIY an inexpensive microscope case. Here’s how I made mine:


Cut and arrange pieces to your satisfaction  before gluing.

  1. Cut a rectangle to cover the base of the toolbox.
  2. Cut pieces to line the sides of the toolbox.
  3. Cut a piece to cover the interior of the toolbox lid. Make sure the lid still closes properly with this piece in place and with a scope inside.
  4. Lay the microscope in the box and see how it fits. I cut an extra piece of foam to support the eyepiece and neck of the scope since it lays on its side while in the box. 
  5. Glued all the foam pieces to the box in a well-ventilated area, because my adhesive fumes were nasty. Let dry overnight.

Et voila, a sturdy storage/carrying case for my microscope for about $15.

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