Book 2, Food references

The Mockingjay Cracker

Peeta’s cheese buns

“From the bag I pull two fresh buns with a layer of cheese baked into the top. We always seem to have a supply of these since Peeta found out they were my favorite.”

“I buy a bag of sweets for Prim.”

“I eat three bowls of stew and half a loaf of bread while the others dine at the table.”

Tea and toast: the universal panacea

“My mother ladles out a mug of broth for me, and I ask for a second mug to take to Haymitch… We sit there, almost peacefully, sipping our broth and watching the sun set through the living room window.”

Haymitch’s bar: Ripper’s hootch, wine

“A cold soup of puréed vegetables. Fish cakes with a creamy lime paste. Those little birds filled with orange sauce, with wild rice and watercress. Chocolate custard dotted with cherries.”

“…I curl up next to him on the couch with my milk, which is really delicious with the honey and the spices…”

“Lunch makes me feel a little bit better. Pheasant with a selection of jewel-colored jellies, and tiny versions of real vegetables swimming in butter, and potatoes mashed with parsley. For dessert we dip chunks of fruit in a pot of melted chocolate, and Cinna has to order a second pot because I just start eating the stuff with a spoon.”

“He tosses another sugar cube in his mouth and saunters off.”

“I’ve spent years watching him pass a bottle back and forth with Haymitch on television.”

“… the only time I really feel present is when I purposefully knock a dish of peas to the floor…our hands meet. I can feel his skin, rough under the buttery sauce from the dish…”

“In a minute, sausage, eggs, potatoes, bread, juice, and hot chocolate appear.”

“He’s eating a turkey leg.”

head cephalopod

Just sorting out the flotsam of the universe.

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