The Tuttle Twins

So, I’ve just spent the afternoon reading the Tuttle Twins series by Connor Boyack.

As you can see, they’re not long – maybe the length of a Cam Jansen story.

“But what are they?”

They are nothing more than a kid-friendly introduction to basic libertarian principles. Most volumes are tied to a cornerstone book of foundational libertarian principles – for example, “The Search for Atlas” goes with Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, or “The Creature from Jekyll Island” is tied to (surprise) Griffith’s The Creature From Jekyll Island. A couple cover more general principles, like The Golden Rule or entrepreneurship.

At the back of each volume are vocabulary, discussion questions,

How To Use These Books

Target reading audience: Appropriate for 9-10 year olds who are strong readers.

Others: Younger children will enjoy this as a read aloud. This would work as a super simple introduction for older students, and then they can bridge to more age-appropriate works or even the original source materials.

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