Algebra I Curriculum, free online

Found two possibilities for free Algebra I curriculum. And you know me, I love the free.
Option 1: A complete curriculum from – This curriculum includes animated video instruction, a reading section, a textbook section (printable worksheets), and tests. It only has selected answers, however, so you may have to dig around a little if you aren’t certain of your answer.
Option 2: Blue Pelican math publishes a complete curriculum, AND makes the first semester free. To get you hooked, like those people giving out free samples outside the Lindt store and you eat one of those miraculous little golfballs and get sucked into the store and the next thing you know you’re at home on the couch, sheepishly wiping away smears of truffled chocolate, and wondering where $45 went. Honestly. BUT ANYHOW: You can use student and teacher materials, but no tests.

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